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Sati Italia is distinguished by a rich offering of products and solutions related to the industrial electrical installation sector, with a core business corresponding to the wide range of metal trunking cable carrier systems. The company also specialises in the coating of these systems, thanks to a painting plant integrated in the production cycle, which allows them to be processed and applied with a type of painting known as ‘powder coating’. Powder coating is an innovative process, a safe and effective practice that replaces classic liquid coating.


Powder coating consists of dry application of a thin-layer coating of organic material based on synthetic resins, with the ultimate aim of protecting surfaces from corrosion or chemical aggression processes. Specifically, the adhesion of the protective powder occurs through the principle of electrostatic induction, whereby the electrical charge, which is characteristic of the protective powder, is redistributed through the presence of another electrically charged object.

The powder coating procedure takes place in three main steps:
• pre-treatment of the surface to be painted (pre-washing and drying);
• adhesion of the paint powder layer;
• melting and subsequent polymerisation of these powders.

Considering the multiple treatments required, the painting plant consists of several stages, each with its own specific function: product preparation is carried out by feeding the metal parts into a pre-treatment tunnel, to allow them to be cleaned and degreased before the drying oven. Next, the powder is applied to the parts inside a spray booth; these will then reach the oven where the melting and curing of the paint will take place, forming a thick, adherent layer.

The advantages of powder coating are both environmental, as it is solvent-free, and time, as the curing phase takes a much shorter time, reducing energy requirements. It is also important to note the improvement in terms of safety at work: the total absence of solvents in the paints leads to an exponential reduction in the risk of fire within the processing plants, safeguarding them and also excluding them from the regulations concerning flammable liquids.

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