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The main features of the S3 Line Cable Ladder System are:

  • Snap Lid: thanks to its special ‘shaping’, the cover ‘snaps’ onto the tray. Even on vertical installations, the cover remains firmly fixed without the use of clips;
  • Electrical continuity: In the case of a junction between two or more S3 trays with the use of the ‘Straight linear junction’, electrical continuity is guaranteed in accordance with IEC/EN 61537;
  • Shims:
    – Rails: 1.5 millimetres
    – Thickness of crossbars: 1.2 millimetres
  • Distance of crossbars: the ‘pitch’ of the crossbars is 300 mm
  • Bend radius: 300 mm (different radii on request)
  • Rails/crossbar coupling system

What is new compared to the past is that the S3 Line can be sold in two ways: as a finished product, or rails plus crossbars. Buying the rails separately from the crossbars provides a number of advantages, such as:

  • Lower transport costs
  • Flexibility: In some installations, carrying the finished tray can be inconvenient and transporting the individual rails can resolve the issue;
  • Easy to assemble: the crossbar is attached to the rail in an interlocking manner, without the need for screws and nuts. Simply use a hammer blow to create a solid and durable connection.

The S3 System offers a wide choice of components suitable for any type of installation and uses the same suspension systems as the Sati medium-heavy-duty trunking system.


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