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S2 Line

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The S2 Line of mesh cable trays was conceived to create synergies with the other Sati Italia trunking systems: the Line S5 and the Line S3. The S2 Line is a complete system that utilises some products, such as covers and brackets, already present in the Sati Italia product range. This allows:
• the installer, to use products they already know;
• the wholesaler, to reduce stocks and, at the same time, make it easier to find the product.

The cover of the S2 Line, thanks to its special ‘shaping’, ‘snaps’ onto the tray and also onto vertical installations. This way, the cover remains firmly attached to the tray without the use of clips. In the case of a junction between two or more S2 trays, electrical continuity is ensured in accordance with IEC / EN 61537 by using the appropriate ‘linear junction clamp – GSV 34 G’. In addition, the Linear Quick Joint – GRL ensures a fast and robust connection between S2 trays, without the use of screws and tools, while the MS brackets are equipped with special slots into which the mesh cable S2 tray can be ‘slotted’ and firmly fixed without the use of screws and tools, ensuring fast installation and secure attachment.


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