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Ensuring the best customer satisfaction in terms of product and service has always been at the heart of Sati Italia’s mission. The company is proud of the exclusivity within the sector of having a hot-dip galvanizing plant integrated in its production cycle since 2004. This is an important investment and, at the same time, a far-sighted choice, aimed at guaranteeing its customers maximum competitiveness with quality, durable, resistant and environmentally friendly products.

Hot-dip galvanizing, in fact, is considered the most effective anti-corrosion treatment for steel products: after a series of pre-treatments (degreasing, pickling, fluxing), the metal components are immersed in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 450°, resulting in a thin and resistant coating. It is a functional and also sustainable process, which is extremely suitable in the development of a circular economy based on waste reduction and recirculation of raw materials. In fact, its action of long-lasting protection against corrosion and reduction of maintenance interventions for decades makes it possible to extend the life cycle of products and make them more competitive, limiting energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the use of all those resources necessary for a possible steel restoration attempt. Zinc is also an element naturally present in the air, water and soil, highly recyclable and therefore ideal for limiting the need for new raw materials and the exploitation of natural resources.

Sati Italia believed strongly in the competitive advantage that the integration of this process would offer to its solutions, allowing it to guarantee customers quality performance but also economic and energy savings, with a clear benefit for the environment. In fact, the plant, installed inside the Latina facility, allows treatment to be carried out in continuity with the production cycle, as it is located close to the lines themselves. Sati Italia’s hot-dip galvanizing plant is called ‘tunnel galvanizing’ because all tanks are located inside a tunnel, in an acid-proof material, which allows clean and environmentally friendly processing. In fact, there is a vacuum inside the tunnel generated by the continuous suction of a fan. In this way, all acidic processing fumes remain segregated inside. These are then channelled into a scrubber tower, which allows the sucked flue gases to be returned to the ideal conditions to be released into the atmosphere.

The high quality level of Sati Italia’s galvanizing process has allowed the company to obtain the HiQualiZinc mark, which certifies compliance with the specifications and requirements set out in the Technical Specification to ensure certain levels of reliability in terms of corrosion protection and aesthetic performance of the galvanizing coating.

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