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Sati Italia’s metal trunking systems are a benchmark in the industry, exemplifying the excellence of Made in Italy. Our facilities boast state-of-the-art processing technology, a certified hot-dip galvanizing department and an environmentally friendly powder coating plant located close to the production lines. These elements, combined with an efficient logistics service and attentive, precise customer care, contribute to our success.

Our cable tray and trunking systems are designed to meet a dynamic and competitive market. We offer different types: the mesh cable trays (S2 Line), the cable ladder system (S3 Line) and the interlocking tray and trunking system of the S5 Line. Each of these lines, with various sizes and finishes, has unique functionality but shares one essential characteristic: versatility. This allows synergetic use of the lines, offering customers a complete and available solution.

The S2, S3 and S5 lines are recognised for their high value in terms of safety, efficiency and ease of installation, thanks to the snap-on cover. These characteristics reflect Sati Italia’s commitment to putting the needs of people and customers at the centre. For installers, this means being able to use known and compatible products for most assembly steps. For wholesalers, it means easier access to the products they need.

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