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The Line S5 trunking system is considered Sati Italia’s core business product. The Line is characterised by the special geometry of the straight element, a feature that differentiates it from other products on the market and gives it a definite competitive advantage. Its conformation allows elements of different sizes to be joined, thanks above all to the practical method of the tongue-and-groove system: a solution that guarantees remarkable cost and time savings, and therefore greater efficiency when installing the trunking system.

The continuous edging on the top of the side panels makes the S5 trunking system suitable for supporting high loads, thanks to the profiling process of the straight elements, which allows all system covers to be snap-fitted without the need for screws. All components also ensure electrical continuity: the earthing device consists of an embossed annular area on the bodies and covers, marked with the appropriate earth symbol.

All these elements make the S5 Line an exceptional trunking system, capable of combining safety, efficiency, ease and speed of installation in a single solution, for performance that is unique on the market.

Linea S5


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