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In the evaluation of the efficiency and safety parameters of electrical installations, a very important item is determined by the risk of fire caused, fuelled or propagated by the products that make up an electrical system. The simplest measure to prevent the spread of fire between different areas of the same building is compartmentalisation, whereby the areas at greatest risk of fire are cordoned off with fire-resistant walls, floors and Ceilings for a specific period of time.

Sati Italia has put its experience and professionalism at the service of these issues, producing a range of solutions for passive fire protection. These requirements are met by fire barriers: infills that restore fire resistance in wall and slab penetrations. The products must be certified EI according to EN 1366-3 and EN 1366-4 under conditions similar to those under which they will be used, and must be applied in the quantities and in the manner described in the certification.

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