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Sati Italia: New cable-tray support and suspension solutions

Sati Italia’s range of suspension systems has been expanded with important new products.

From 1 October, customers can browse the Catalogue of specialised new brackets and accessories.

For Sati Italia, quality is a clear goal and the company regularly updates its range to offer more advanced systems with improved performance. This is why the new catalogue contains innovative and functional solutions, designed and developed to improve the efficiency and versatility of the range of cable-tray suspension systems


The main new features include:
•ML bracket with fall-arrest system: Sati Italia has decided to update the ML bracket range, introducing a new version. Specifically, the range from 100 to 300 mm has been replaced with two new moulded formats (15/10 and 20/10 for the steel versions and 15/10 in stainless steel). This product update guarantees greater installation flexibility.
• 50 × 30 mm profile: to guarantee perfect coupling between the new brackets and suspension rods, Sati Italia has introduced a new 50×30 mm profile. This is a particularly important product because it is compatible with the new product families of bracket bases and moulded brackets, enabling greater flexibility of the cable-tray range and reducing the number of holes required in walls.
• Ceiling anchoring system: this solution has been completely updated for compatibility with the new rod, offering greater stability and safety.

But Sati Italia innovation does not end here: the company has also created tailored accessories, introducing two new ranges of brackets with special seaming, which enable rapid assembly of the straight component on the suspension element. This simplifies the installation process for a more functional solution. It also means that Sati Italia products are ever better aligned with the requirements of professionals in the sector.

There are a few important points to note with these updates: the old codes for suspension systems will pass over to Metel 2 format until stocks finish, before being definitively replaced from 1 January 2024.

The changeover will be automatic and there will be no period of unavailability for customers, who can continue to benefit from Sati Italia’s 100% Made-in-Italy suspension systems without interruption.

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catalogo sospensione canali


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