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Hot-dip galvanizing: a sustainable choice for a made-in-Italy product

Sati Italia has a clear focus on sustainability and has long been committed to offering 100% Italian products and services that guarantee great efficiency, durability and high performance for professionals in the industrial electrical sector. Demonstrating its concrete and far-sighted commitment to to its customers, the industry and the environment, back in 2004 the company decided to invest in an innovative new hot-dip galvanizing plant for its Latina site.

This process is currently one of the most effective anti-corrosion treatments for maintaining the properties of steel products: after a series of pre-treatments (degreasing, pickling and fluxing), the metal components are immersed in a bath of molten zinc at 450°C, resulting in a thin and resistant coating. This functional process actively contributes towards a circular economy with reduced waste and greater recyclability of resources, whilst limiting maintenance requirements, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, the zinc used in the treatment process is a naturally occurring element and highly recyclable.

The company’s choice to integrate the galvanizing plant into its production cycle, along with its tunnel design to contain acidic processing fumes and purify them before release into the atmosphere, further demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability. The quality of the entire process has also enabled Sati Italia to obtain HiQualiZinc certification, for the anti-corrosion specifications and aesthetic results of its galvanized coatings.

With its extensive experience, Sati Italia, now part of the DKC Group, has consolidated its position as a pioneer in the sector, recognising future challenges and demands of an industry that is constantly seeking innovative solutions.

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